The details of the Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop


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Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC)

Lancaster University

The Fourth Annual Cultural Political Economy Workshop Sponsored by Sociology Department

Theme: Cultural Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Crisis

Date: 22 May 2014 (Thursday)

Place: Charles Carter A18, Lancaster University

Time: 9:30-5:00


The details of the Fourth Cultural Political Economy Workshop is now available (see below). You are most welcome to join and please share this with other students and colleagues whom you think might be interested. Please also note the change in venue from FASS Room 1 to Charles Carter A 18.

9:30-9:35              Welcome

Co-directors of CPERC: Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum (Sociology and PPR, Lancaster)


9:35-10:30           Panel 1: Moral and Cultural Economy of Finance and Environment

Chair: Bob Jessop (Sociology, Lancaster)

Andrew Sayer (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Debtors and Rentiers: Neoliberalism and the Return of the Rich’

Robbie Watt (Leverhulme Centre for the Study of Value, Manchester), ‘Moral Economy of Carbon Offsetting’


10:30-10:45         Tea and Coffee


10:45-12:40         Panel 2: Presentation and Discussion on a Research Theme: Political Economy and Risk

Chair and Discussant: Andrew Sayer (Sociology, Lancaster)

Dean Curran (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Towards a Political Economy of Risk’


12:40-1:40           Lunch


1:40-2:35              Panel 3: Cultural Political Economy of Crisis

Chair: Antony Hesketh (Management School, Lancaster)

Bob Jessop (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘Hard Cash, Easy Credit, and Fictitious Capital: Aspects of the Recent and Continuing Crisis’

Ngai-Ling Sum (PPR, Lancaster)’ Financial Crisis and China as a ‘Hope’ Object: Stimulus Packages, Land and Debt’


2:35-3:30              Panel 4: Everyday Finance, Saving and Debt

Chair: Jamie Doucette (Geography, Manchester)

Adam Fish and John Mcknight (Sociology, Lancaster), ‘Reconfiguring “Peer-to-Peer” Finance: From Technological Play to “Sensible” Saving’

Freya Johnson (PPR, Lancaster) “‘We need to pay off our debts”: Understanding the rise of the debt-based economy’


3:30-3:45              Tea and Coffee


3:45-4:40              Panel 5: Financialization and Economic Democracy in South Korea

Chair: Ngai-Ling Sum (PPR, Lancaster)

Choi Jin-Hee (Sociology, Lancaster) ‘The “Homo-Hundred” Discourses: the Financialization of South Korea and the Neoliberal Biopolitics’

Jamie Doucette (Geography, Manchester) ‘The South Korean Liberal-Left’s Chaebol Problem: Lessons from Cultural Political Economy’


4:40-5:00              Panel 6: Overall discussion and Planning for the Future

Chairs: Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum



All are welcome and please register with Ngai-Ling Sum at


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