Critical Semiotic Analysis and Cultural Political Economy

A case is made for ‘cultural political economy’ (CPE) by exploring the constitutive role of semiosis in economic and political activities, economic and political institutions, and social order more generally. CPE is a post-disciplinary approach that adopts the ‘cultural turn’ in economic and political inquiry without neglecting the articulation of semiosis with the interconnected materialities of economics and politics within wider social formations.

Critical Realism and Semologic

This on-line version is the pre-copyedited, preprint version. The published version can be found here: ‘Critical realism and semologic’ (co-authored with N. Fairclough and A. Sayer), in J.M. Roberts and J. Joseph, eds, Realism, Discourse and Deconstruction, London: Routledge, 23-42, 2004. *** By: Norman Fairclough, Bob Jessop, Andrew Sayer Abstract: This chapter explores the mutual…